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Isn’t it time that we tell and watch stories that fully represent the makeup of our society?

Currently men outnumber women 2:1 onscreen and 3:1 in some cases*. We need to move away from a world where we are more likely to see an alien than an Asian women onscreen* (unless there is suddenly an invasion and they become a core part of our population - but let’s not go down that conspiracy rabbit hole just yet...)

To change the conversation onscreen we need to change the conversation behind the screen and at Primetime we aim to address the gender imbalance within the Film and TV Industry one badass woman at a time.

And we hope to do this with your help.

Primetime was created following an outpouring from industry professionals in the Time’s Up UK meetings to have a centralised database of all the women working above and below the line in the industry. No longer can we accept the excuses: “There were no female applicants for the position” and “If you get more women applying for jobs then the percentages will rise” or our favourite, “Where are all the women?”

Well, we are here.

Small shout out to everyone who makes up 51% of the population, you know who you are & you’re doing great. (We did say small!)

Primetime hopes to provide a simple solution to one of the industry’s most frequently asked questions in addition to providing a promotional platform and support network for our members. So this is good news for everyone.

And not only is it a noble aim to give young people role models (the more hours of television a girl watches the less options she believes she has in life and that is as a direct result of the stories we tell her*), but it also just makes financial sense.

Female-penned projects on average quadruple their investment, especially with budgets over $25m*, so it is hard to understand why there continues to be a disconnect between financiers and the projects being made. Women should no longer be seen as risky or indeed part of a “diversity quota”, and with the majority of household pursestrings being held by women creating more female-led content just makes sense.  

So thank you to all the gatekeepers out there who are committed to creating change. And thank you to all our male allies too, we cannot do this without you.

It is time to unite.