Primetime is a global visibility platform for women working above and below the line behind the camera

Providing the Entertainment Industry with a practical solution to find inclusive gender-balanced teams.


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Entertainment professionals are currently facing unprecedented challenges.

We are here to help.

Sarah Gavron

Sarah Gavron


"Primetime is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to achieve a gender-balanced production. I look forward to using it for future projects."

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Join Primetime today for free to find professionals with the exact experience you are looking for whilst keeping inclusion at the forefront of your hiring practices. Agents, scout and sign new talent today and encourage your clients to sign up and hire gender-balanced teams on their future projects.

Contact members, download CVs, read Industry references and search through our vetted platform. We have members in 55+ countries, covering over 200 jobs titles, including multi-BAFTA, Emmy and Academy Award winners.

We are also proudly on the BFI website as a resource to look at Diversity and Inclusion when hiring.

The percentage of women working behind the scenes has not increased in 20 years. It is time for this to change. Thank you for standing by our side.

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Iris Ng

Iris Ng


"We need to disarm our gaze from othering, and the way we do this is to reflect the diversity of our world with the people behind the lens"


Join Primetime for free and connect with women in every department around the world.

Create a unique visual portfolio with your Agents' details, CV, Kit Lists, Pitch Bibles, Social Media Links, Website details, Guilds and Societies, Personal Pronouns, and be returned in searches that match your experience.

At Primetime, we know that visibility is half the battle, so we say: We are here. #NoMoreExcuses.

We also do not believe in paying to be visible, which is why members will always be able to be searchable by their experience, work and self-identified protected characteristics for free.

We take Unconcious Bias seriously as we know this plays a huge part in hiring practices, so our members do not have profile pictures. We want your work to speak for itself. For those wanting a personal touch, your social media links are only a click away.

It is time to re-address the gender imbalance. Time to unite. Time to make real change.

We are a certified Social Enterprise & Expert Impact Alumnae

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Primetime Pledges

Primetime Pledges

Our New Initiative

Where Those With Hiring Power Commit To Making Real Change


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Our 'P' in 'Primetime' symbolises a Pledge to work towards a fairer, more representative Industry for all. Support our campaign by wearing a Primetime badge or ring today.

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Addressing the gender imbalance within our industry, one badass woman at a time.