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Addressing the gender imbalance within our Industry, one badass woman at a time.


Join Primetime today to find and hire women working above and below the line working around the world. We have a growing list of BAFTA & Emmy winners and Academy Award nominees.

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The percentage of women working behind the scenes has not increased in 20 years. It is time for this to change.

Thank you for standing by our side.

Iris Ng

Iris Ng


"We need to disarm our gaze from othering, and the way we do this is to reflect the diversity of our world with the people behind the lens"


Join Primetime and connect with women from all over the world who work behind the camera.

Create a unique profile which showcases your work and allows you to be found easily by employers.

We have lots of big plans to help as many women worldwide as possible and know that we are stronger together.

It is time to re-address the gender imbalance. Time to unite. Time to make real change.

ERA 5050

Era 5050

Image ft. ERA 5050 Supporter Actress Joan Iyiola

"Increasing female representation on set makes for a safer, more dynamic workplace for all"

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  • ERA 5050
  • Time's Up UK
  • Le Collectif 5050
  • Film Fatales

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Addressing the gender imbalance within our industry, one badass woman at a time.