Sonia Mokhtari

  • What did you expect
    What did you expect (2020) Composer
  • Kinderspiel
    Kinderspiel (2019) Composer | Sound Designer
  • What where Why
    What where Why (2019) Composer | Sound Designer

    In this drama short, two friends meet unexpectedly in the park, one of which is a mother with her one year old child. The women get lost in conversation, and unbeknownst to them there is a kidnapper with her accomplice parked across the street from the park. The child is abducted, and the police arrive on the scene to investigate. The movie ends with slates saying that there are 2,000 children kidnapped every day; 800,000 children kidnapped each year; and tragically, the amber alert has a success rate of less than 20 percent.

  • Female Friendly
    Female Friendly (2017) Composer

    A female-driven comedy that follows two very different best friends as they set out to start a female-friendly porn production company.

  • Indulgence
    Indulgence (2019) Foley Mixer | Sound Designer | Sound Mixer

    Desperately curious about her past, and especially the father she never knew, Kate embarks on an adventure that promises to answer her questions. But is she ready to confront the truth?

  • Say cheese
    Say cheese (2017) Sound Designer

    Jessa finds pictures of herself, on her phone, taken while she was asleep. The mystery surrounding these pictures unravels as she confronts her boyfriend.

  • My mother's eyes
    My mother's eyes (2015) Composer
  • Lucha Grampa
    Lucha Grampa (2016) Composer | Sound Designer
  • Poompei
    Poompei (2017) Composer | Sound Designer