Sandrine Rudaz

    PARADiCE (2023) Composer

    PARADiCE is the story of a double procession of life and death, of humans and glaciers coming together and repelling each other, told by the ice giant that covered a large part of the Alps at its peak: the Rhône glacier.

  • The Eternal Valley
    The Eternal Valley (2022) Composer

    In The Eternal Valley, filmmakers Estelle Geneux and Ramy Fouda uncover past secrets, our role in the battle for Earth's life, and reconnect with each other in a magical ancient sanctuary we call Home.

  • The Golden Phoenix
    The Golden Phoenix (2022) Composer
  • Aurore Boréale
    Aurore Boréale (2019) Composer
  • The Temporal Show
    The Temporal Show (2020) Composer

    In an apocalyptic future, some prisoners are used by robotic oppression as entertainment. In their program "The Temporal Show", captives are teleported to the Sion region, as we know it today, to compete for the "key to their freedom".

  • See you back soon
    See you back soon (2020) Composer
  • A Tea Party for Sad People
    A Tea Party for Sad People (2020) Composer

    When Ziva happens upon an invitation to a Tea Party for Sad People, she is drawn into a surreal world where sadness is sought for all the wrong reasons. But how will the ladies of the Tea Party react when they hear Ziva's sob story?

  • Kneeling Sheep
    Kneeling Sheep (2019) Composer

    A Mongolian single mother fights to save her son who is about to be executed, only to discover that the absence of justice is crushing her life.

  • A Moment of Magic
    A Moment of Magic (2020) Composer

    There are nights that never happen. And there are dreams that never come true. A night in Los Angeles, the city of dreams: Claire and Jazmine are two single women in their thirties looking for their own place in the world. The film follows the two protagonists through the course of one evening, and the result is a no-frills, universal snapshot of life in your thirties. The young women alternate daily routine with nightly escape, looking for some new way to restore vitality to a life they perceive as barren and devoid of clear goals. A generational parable about friendship, the future and aimlessness, in a city that shines, comes to life and lives all on its own, with an imperturbable and harsh beauty when viewed in the light of the events. Here, the sunset doesn't have to mark an end, nor dawn a new beginning.

  • Aylesbury Estate
    Aylesbury Estate (2020) Composer

    Central London. The government has started demolishing the Aylesbury, the biggest council estate in Europe, to regenerate the area. Its residents have to face the imminent and total dismantling of their homes, their memories and a share of their identities.

  • Jiva
    Jiva (2020) Composer

    A grief-stricken scientist, Julian, continues forbidden research on soul particles after the death of his lead researcher, Doctor Lane, and the shutting down of Intech labs. Julian makes a life changing discovery that they can reverse reincarnation. Their research could not only better the world, but carve a path to save those he lost. He partners with a weary cop, Shane, whose faith in a failing justice system has diminished, to take down a significant criminal threat to Australia's society, the seemingly untouchable Triad leader, Jason Zhang.

  • My Father's Footsteps
    My Father's Footsteps (2019) Composer

    Cambell River 1999, a broken home in the middle of the night, a 6 year old boy didn't know this would be the last time he would see his dad. 19 years later, Cameron Watts prepares to find the answers to almost two decades worth of questions. This discovery-based documentary will chronicle the journey of Cameron's search for his father Darell Watts, straight from the beginning taking us into the unknown. It will be documented through interviews with family, close friends, photographs, and visits to his last known whereabouts.

  • Skip to the End
    Skip to the End (2019) Composer

    A man suffering trauma is given a mysterious solution to skip past his pain.

  • Sky is Heaven
    Sky is Heaven (2020) Composer
  • Sailing through Life
    Sailing through Life (2020) Composer

    'Sailing Through Life' is a dialogue-driven drama that deals with the themes of existentialism and romanticism, focusing on complex characterisation of modern young opinionated people of India, who do not face any external conflicts. Their struggles don't come from the society, but rather from within.

  • Star Bard
    Star Bard (2018) Composer
  • The Shell
    The Shell (2019) Composer

    In a dystopian future, the world is suffering from overpopulation. A group of radicals calling themselves the "Enthusiasts" are trying to prove the Myth to the world. The Myth is the world they are living in is inside of a shell, and there is a bigger and unknown world outside of it. Will, a depressed and cynical assassin, is determined to kill the leader of the Enthusiasts. But when he fails to kill a young Enthusiast, he begins to question whether or not the Myth may actually be true.