Margred Pryce

  • Soft Animals
    Soft Animals (2021) Editor

    Two ex-lovers bump into each other on their daily commute. This super short animation has screened internationally at festivals such as Sundance, TIFF, SXSW and Annecy.

  • A Few Miles South
    A Few Miles South (2021) Editor

    The year is 1910. Two arctic explorers, Ted and Eric, find themselves trapped inside their tent with a ravenous polar bear roaming outside. As food supplies dwindle, they quickly realise the beast lying in wait outside isn’t the only carnivore they need to be concerned about.

  • Serial Drama TV - Serial Drama
    RIVER CITY – EPISODE #23.7 (2021) Editor

    Caitlin's vow to protect Maggie is under threat as Maggie's mental health plummets. Meanwhile, Angus plots against a meddling Bob, Bernie attempts to salvage the reopening of Molly's Corner, and Stevie holds all the cards in the search for his dad. 60 minutes | Episode aired Oct 11, 2021 | BBC Scotland & BBCiPlayer

  • Serial Drama TV - Serial Drama
    RIVER CITY – EPISODE #23.8 (2021) Editor

    Stevie's day of reckoning arrives as he finally meets his dad - but is he everything that Stevie bargained for? Elsewhere, Roisin catches up with an old friend, emotions flare during Nicole's trial shift at the Two Jailbirds, and Karen advises Alex on the sale of the Candleroom, but are her motives genuine? 60 minutes | Episode aired Oct 18, 2021 | BBC Scotland & BBCiPlayer

    THE SONG OF A LOST BOY (2020) Editor

    The story of a boy who loses his faith and goes on a journey to discover himself and his voice once again.

  • Goodnight Henry
    Goodnight Henry (2022) Editor

    When the Prime Minister dies in scandalous circumstances, Mr Pageant - his closest advisor - must salvage the country’s free trade deal with the visiting French ambassador whilst limiting the damage a chambermaid may cause to the country’s reputation.

  • AL SARAB (The Mirage)
    AL SARAB (The Mirage) (2020) Editor

    Three estranged siblings arrive in the desert to attend their father’s funeral.

    ROOM FOR TWO (2019) Editor

    When Helena suspects her photographer partner Paris of having an affair, she sets off on a voyage of discovery that sees three women come together in a cat and mouse game of secrets, lies and deception.

  • Children’s TV - Children’s
    MEET THE EXPERTS - EPISODE #1.17 (2022) Editor

    Football expert Jasiri explains the basics of football and attends a training session. 10 minutes | Episode aired on Saturday, 21 May A Boom Kids Production for Channel 5/Milkshake!

  • Children’s TV - Children’s
    MEET THE EXPERTS - EPISODE #1.18 (2022) Editor

    Go Karting expert Bella shows viewers her kart and what all the different parts of it do, as well as all her safety gear. 10 minutes | Episode aired on Sunday, 22 May A Boom Kids Production for Channel 5/Milkshake!

  • Short Film Short Film
    Excuse Me
    Excuse Me (2021) Editor

    Bullied by her 'friend' at work, Lucia's repressed feelings erupt as violent sounds. Mortified and scared, she excuses herself to the loo, where her feelings become as loud and clear as music. Lucia must choose whether to reject the truth erupting from inside her body, or accept the invitation to dance with her demons.

  • Car Keys
    Car Keys (2019) Editor

    Keith has his life worked out. But caring for his mum, knowing what sandwich he'll have everyday, and how his day ends even before he's stepped foot outside the front door, isn't exactly what anyone could call a life. But today, something goes wrong. Something doesn't go to plan, and Keith has to ad lib it.

    INSIDE A MARRIAGE (2020) Editor

    INSIDE A MARRIAGE takes a compassionate look at a profound moment in a family's life together. After 10 years of marriage, Shilpa and Dipak have separated and are considering whether they have a future together. Following their journey, this film explores what it is that binds a family together in the face of adversity.

  • Short Film Short Film
    Jake and the Lads
    Jake and the Lads (2019) Editor

    This short documentary is about a young father living in Tredegar, a South Wales valley town. It explores fatherhood, identity and Jake's personal struggle to not repeat his own fathers’ mistakes.