Lina Kalcheva

  • Other Half
    Other Half (2021) Animator | Director

    Other Half is the story of Ren, an individual being on a quest to find love and finally become complete. The film follows Ren’s journey through a mystical labyrinth of potential suitors as they attempt to find their other half and form a Merged Couple. With each trial, Ren tries harder to win their suitor’s approval, desperately changing themself to meet their potential other half’s every need. However, little does Ren realise that something much more important is at stake - the loss of their own individuality. Other Half explores the ways in which changing yourself to be in a relationship won’t make you complete, and that true completeness can only come from within.

  • something's bugging me
    something's bugging me (2019) Animator | Director

    A short film about intrusive thoughts, using a mix of pixilation and stop-motion in plasticine, natural materials and taxidermy insects.

  • Birthmark
    Birthmark (2022) Animator | Director

    A fancy dinner party goes wrong for Quail, as he attempts to hide his embarassing birthmark from the other guests, while he compulsively mocks them for thier own imperfections.

  • A Peach
    A Peach (2018) Animator | Director

    A story about a boy who is enamored with a peach, progressively becoming sexually obsessed and terrified of it as he climbs a mountain on his quest to reach it.

  • Paula Rego: Making the Real Thing
    Paula Rego: Making the Real Thing (2017) Animator | Director

    The film was made for a brief given by TATE, in collaboration with LCC, and is based on supplied audio of artist Paula Rego discussing her artistic process.

  • Pinky's Pleasure Park
    Pinky's Pleasure Park (2016) Animator | Director

    Short student project made in the University of Reading for an exchange exhibition in Shanghai. Based on a brief focused on nature and design, the film was made with found natural materials, basic puppets and wax.