Julia Lima

  • Amor e Sexo (2018)
    Amor e Sexo (2018)

    Assistant Music Director. With the presence of a band, live audiences and special guests, Fernanda Lima hosts this weekly show, discussing many issues and taboos - all related to love and sex - in a dynamic and fun way.

  • Minha Vida em Marte
    Minha Vida em Marte

    Assistant Composer / Music Editor With the help of her best friend, Fernanda now has to deal with the perks of being married, or perhaps unmarried.

  • Impuros

    Studio Assistant. Rio de Janeiro, during the 90's. Evandro dreams about becoming a great businessman, but ends up entering the world of crime and making an empire out of his criminal organization. His business skills and leadership abilities draw the attention of Morello, a federal police officer with a self-destructive behavior who sees in Evandro a worthy enemy. Two strategists that share the love for danger. The hunt down begins.

  • Instaverso
    Instaverso (2020) Composer

    Maria finds a portal that leads inside the world of Instagram and seeks shelter in the account of her favorite influencer.

  • Scripted Drama (Limited Theatrical/ VOD Release) Film - Scripted Drama (Limited Theatrical/ VOD Release)
    My Mums Letters
    My Mums Letters (2020) Composer