Joanna Karselis

  • The Box
    The Box (2022) Composer

    A young man confronts his troubled past and reflects on his torn relationship with his older brother in a confined space.

  • 51 States
    51 States (2019) Composer

    A dystopian sci-fi film by Cassandra Virdee exploring racism in the UK and cultural identity. Scored for sarangi, double bass, percussion and electronics and mixed at Warner Brothers’ De Lea Lane, 51 States is currently touring festivals worldwide.

  • Reunification
    Reunification (2015) Composer

    Reflecting for 17 years on his family's immigration legacy, the filmmaker confronts the delicate images of a once intact family.

  • 5 South
    5 South (2020) Composer

    An exploration of identity and sexuality.

  • The Bellwether
    The Bellwether (2018) Composer

    To the outside world Joanne is just a book-store owner, but the Conspiracy knows different. She's dangerous. She's a bellwether: a quiet leader who is well on her way to being her whole self. When they kidnap her to break her to make her conform, they discover that Joanne is something so much more than even she ever knew. Joanne is a feminist, one-room, one-character elevated genre thriller. It is a modern rite of passage story which most women have to go through to become a whole human being: How does one be oneself in the face of massive misogyny and hatred (both overt and institutionalized). It is also the world's first one-person film (a movie with only one on-screen character) that features a woman.

  • The Haunting Of The Lady Jane
    The Haunting Of The Lady Jane (2022) Composer

    The peaceful waterways of the English countryside are plagued by legends of 'RÀN'; a water spirit who collects the bodies of sinful people along the river. After a disturbing incident left Lily emotionally scarred and estranged from her parents she decides to begin her life again. Now a socially aware writer on female empowerment, she decides to tour the country with Zara, whose journey of self-identity has led her to fully explore life. Lily met Zara through her blog, they decided to become travel companions. They see a chance to travel on a barge the 'Lady-Jane' on the English canals. Accepting an offer of a free passage up the British canals, Lily and Zara find themselves isolated with Willard, a religiously obsessed hulking man whose past is murkier than the canal waters. The threesome's journey upriver becomes increasingly bizarre and dangerous as Willard's fascination with canal ghosts surfaces, and the spirit known as 'RÀN' torments them on their journey.

  • Breathe
    Breathe (2020) Composer

    Short drama about domestic and sexual abuse

  • The Skin She Sheds
    The Skin She Sheds (2021) Composer

    Told through dance, a skinhead rebels against her former gang and sheds her hateful views in the search for her true identity.

  • Ground Rush
    Ground Rush (2018) Composer

    A short documentary following Alex Miziuk, a base jumper. Directed by Bella Meyer, Ground Rush features stunning footage captured from wing suits combined with interviews with Alex and his family as he weighs the risk of his sport against his passion.

  • The Imperfect Machine
    The Imperfect Machine (2019) Composer

    A short documentary about dementia, perceived through the lens of one family.

  • Pestis
    Pestis (2020) Composer

    Short animated film about the plague

  • Beyond Sight
    Beyond Sight (2019) Composer

    A short film about a girl who loses her sight, and how her Father brings magic back to her life.

  • Subject 256
    Subject 256 (2018) Composer

    A short sci-fi film about the mysterious Subject 256, who must fight for survival.

  • Tracing
    Tracing (2018) Composer

    A short experimental short directed by Kirsty Sturgess, examining culture and identity.

  • Sissy
    Sissy (2019) Composer

    A short film from first time director Jo Dunne about two sisters who meet outside the headteacher’s office.

  • Death Is Just A Feeling
    Death Is Just A Feeling (2018) Composer

    A short thriller-horror film about parents who can't let go of their child, and Jo’s second film with director Alec Jordan.

  • Night Of The Screamer
    Night Of The Screamer (2018) Composer

    Jo's third film with director Alec Jordan, Night Of The Screamer follows a woman who becomes haunted after a miscarriage.

  • Jonah
    Jonah (2019) Composer

    A short documentary style film about a man searching for the legendary Kalkitta

  • Short Film Short Film
    One Moment
    One Moment (2020) Composer

    One Moment is a short film about finding redemption through cycling.

  • Short Film Short Film
    Sacrament (2020) Composer

    A short film exploring literal and metaphorical self-flagellation and how humans experience sin.

  • Still Chaos
    Still Chaos (2016) Composer

    Still Chaos is an experimental film from director Jamie Benyon.

  • Cups
    Cups (2017) Composer

    Cups is a short horror-comedy about a man who learns the value of recycling the hard way.