Fran Brotherton-Cottrell

Production Coordinator
  • Primetime
    Boundless Productions
    Boundless Productions Post Production Coordinator

    Boundless West - Grand Designs. I am currently working as a Post Production Coordinator.

  • Primetime
    Nutopia Production Coordinator

    Nutopia - Limitless A science series hosted by Chris Hemsworth exploring how to live better for longer. • Organising several carnets for travel from the UK and Australia. • Coordinating travel to a remote location for a large crew of around 90. • Travelling with the crew and a large amount of kit to coordinate transporting it to location. • Using PMI to raise purchase orders, per diems/float requests and credit card reconciliation. • Organising the hire of specialist arctic clothes for a large crew. • Raising call sheets. • Sourcing specialist executive vehicles/drivers for talent. • Creating daily movement orders on location to coordinate 30 vehicles and crew. • Problem solving on location to ensure the smooth running of the shoot.

  • Primetime
    Talkback Production Coordinator - Junior

    Talkback - Harry's Heroes: Euro Having a Laugh A comedy show with sporting legends on a European Tour. • Organising travel and accommodation for a large cast and crew in several European countries. • Attending the shoots to problem solve on the ground. Helping to create schedules prior to and adapting during the shoot. Creating movement orders with several vehicles. • Float and credit card reconciliation. Completing and filing purchase orders. • Raising call sheets and issuing Per Diems in preparation for shoots. • Organising couriers, tracking release forms, problem solving.

  • Primetime
    Boundless Productions
    Boundless Productions Location Assistant

    Boundless Productions - Grand Designs An award-winning property show exploring the process of self builds. - Compliance skills including obtaining release forms whilst on location and logging and filing them in the office. Completing - Google checks and background checks for potential contributors. - Being responsible for large floats and reconciling them. - Using a scanner system to sign out kit from the office. Logging damage and maintaining kit to avoid problems during shoots. Researching new kit. - Being the primary point of contact for the presenter whilst on location. - Camera assisting including Sony FS7 set up. - Data wrangling using ShotPut Pro to back up rushes.

  • Women Uprooted
    Women Uprooted (2020) Producer

    From asylum-seeker to refugee, a mother recalls the struggles of her resettlement in the search for a home.