Emily Lobsenz

  • Song of the Basques
    Song of the Basques

    Weaving together the personal stories of contemporary Basques, this film shares an intimate portrait of one of the world's oldest and most mysterious cultures. Dancing between ancient history and present day, captivating characters embrace us with their singular spirit to recount the epic tale of an indigenous identity’s survival. Rooted in heritage, while embracing unknown futures, Song of the Basques offers a poetic perspective on how we create and sustain cultures in our contemporary globalized world.

  • The Never Bell
    The Never Bell

    Nell is obsessed with a mystical bell and her secret friend, a ferret named Fang is the only one who understands the unearthly fantasies ringing through Nell's heart. Based in Appalachian folklore, The Never Bell employs live puppetry and mixed media animations to explore the naive wonders and crooked chimeras of the unbridled female imagination as it awakens in a world perpetually trying to shut it down.

  • Sandorkraut

    A portrait of the acclaimed food writer and fermentation guru Sandor Katz whose renegade revival of ancient culinary rituals has inspired a movement and transformed his own relationship with life and death

  • The Clock
    The Clock

    In a health clinic in 2040, when the world’s become a feminist utopia, Octavia shows Mel how to use the Abortion App on her Clock. This biometric device, invented by Octavia gives women precise control over their reproductive system. When Mel pries into the history of the Clock's invention, she tears open the dark secrets of Octavia’s tragic sacrifices in sparking this new world order.