Gayathri Khemadasa

  • Thanha Rathi Ranga
    Thanha Rathi Ranga (2015) Composer

    Three friends embark on a journey to a land that was once forbidden but a sudden encounter forces them to return to yet another land of turmoil and terror.

  • Duwana Muwan
    Duwana Muwan

    A film about an English teacher.

  • The ARPC: Spiriting Away the Constitution
    The ARPC: Spiriting Away the Constitution

    Dance and Politics. What do the two have in common? This unconventional doc-drama is an insight into the failed promises of Asia's longest serving leader, and the first documentary on Sri Lanka's transition from authoritarianism to democracy. Its focal point is one of the many lost opportunities : the APRC, a committee sitting during the civil war to finalize a new constitution and to solve the national question. While some say it was a performance choreographed to deceive the world and buy time to finish the civil war, some participants genuinely believed it was the process through which a solution could be found to the ethnic problem.

  • The Newspaper
    The Newspaper (2020) Composer

    A disabled man is joined by his autistic friend on a quest to clear the name of his dead brother, a victim of a terrorist attack and who had been wrongfully accused by a newspaper as being the suicide bomber.