Daisy Leigh-Phippard

Writer / Director
  • Sealskin
    Sealskin (2019) Writer / Director

    A magical realist retelling of Celtic Selkie folklore, where seals became human on land by taking off their sealskin coats. If the coats were hidden, however, they would be trapped on land. Years later, Tara discovers a sealskin coat in her father's workshop and must decide whether to return it or use it herself.

  • Nurse
    Nurse (2019) Script Editor

    An exhausted nurse is denied a break causing her to make a fatal mistake.

  • In the Early Morning
    In the Early Morning (2017) Screenwriter

    A young writer finds the motivations she needs from an unlikely encounter with an old man who speaks little English.

  • The Veil
    The Veil (2018) 1st Assistant Director

    A young nun in Ireland questions her faith in God after her late brother's ghost appears at her convent.

  • Junior
    Junior (2017) Director

    A young bellboy learns a valuable lesson from the daughter of the President.

  • Warner Brothers Entertainment
    Warner Brothers Entertainment Production Assistant

    Hired as a 2nd Unit Covid-19 Production Assitant, promoted to 2nd Unit Production Assistant.

  • Working Title
    Working Title Production Assistant
  • Marvel Studios
    Marvel Studios Production Assistant

    (daily) on Project 'Stellar Vortex'

  • Number 9
    Number 9 Production Runner | Script Reader
  • Wildgaze Films
    Wildgaze Films Junior Researcher | Production Runner | Script Reader
  • No Time to Die
    No Time to Die (2020) Location Marshall
  • Jane
    Jane (2018) Script Supervisor

    A short film which explores the world of sexual assault that lies within the fashion industry of the 1970s.

  • Dog Years
    Dog Years (2020) Script Supervisor

    Dash the dog gets up to fun and hi-jinks with his oddball human family, passing on the lessons he learns to his young pups.