Clair Titley

  • The Contestant
    The Contestant (2024) Director | Executive Producer | Writer / Director

    The incredible true story of a man who lived for 15 months trapped inside a small room, naked, starving and alone… and completely unaware that his life was being broadcast on national TV to over 17 million viewers a week.

  • Britain's Oldest Stand Up
    Britain's Oldest Stand Up (2013) Director | Producer

    The tale of a 90-year-old Chelsea Pensioner whose ambition is to perform on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo as a stand up comic. This film was ‘Pick of the Day’ in many press publications: “Clair Titley’s film had the humble ambition of telling a quietly extraordinary tale to leave you warmed and perhaps a little teary.” Jack Searle, Radio Times.

  • The British Woman on Death Row
    The British Woman on Death Row (2012) Director

    Linda Carty is a woman who is on death row in Texas. She was convicted and sentenced to death in February 2002 for the 2001 abduction and murder of 25-year-old Joana Rodriguez, in order to steal her newborn son.

  • One Born Every Minute
    One Born Every Minute (2014) Director | Producer

    I came on board this flagship show as an interview specialist, to help raise the standard of the interviews in the fifth and sixth series. I conducted over a third of all the interviews in the twenty episode run, in addition to gallery producing on the rig and edit-producing two episodes. One of my films was also featured on C4’s GOGGLEBOX.

  • What Doesn't Kill Me
    What Doesn't Kill Me (2020) Edit Producer

    An expose of a scandal in the US justice system: that fathers who have been proven to be responsible for domestic violence will be more likely to receive full custody of their children over the protective mother. Directed by Rachel Meyrick and distributed by WOMEN MAKE MOVIES, I came on board this film about domestic violence during the rough cut stage. I worked alongside the director to improve and develop the narrative structure of the film and get it through to fine cut stage.

  • Secret Life of Five Year Olds
    Secret Life of Five Year Olds (2018) Location Director

    As part of the anniversary of Women’s suffrage, this all-girl special of the popular series revealed how girls see themselves and the role of women. I shot and directed the two scientists / talent; Dr Elizabeth Kilby and Laverne Antrobus.

  • 9/11 The Firemen's Story
    9/11 The Firemen's Story (2011) Associate Producer