Armiliah Aripin

  • O Black Hole!
    O Black Hole! (2020) Editor

    A woman who can’t stand the passing of time turns herself into a black hole. A thousand years pass without any changes, until one day the Singularity wakes inside her. An immoveable woman meets an unstoppable girl in this epic 2D stop-motion opera about the beauty of transience and letting go.

  • Who Goes There?
    Who Goes There? (2020) Editor

    Minnesota 1880: The trust of three Norwegian sisters is tested when a stranger appears on their prairie. When the eldest invites him in to heal her dying sister, she doesn’t realise that a supernatural force is crossing her threshold.

  • If You Can Believe It
    If You Can Believe It (2019) Editor

    A documentary student visits his former dentist to record an interview about a disappearance of a child ten years earlier.

  • Strong
    Strong (2018) Editor
  • Thinking About The Weather
    Thinking About The Weather (2020) Editor

    A narrator goes on a journey around Britain to try to resolve his anxieties about the looming climate apocalypse. His journey takes him to places that will be submerged by the sea, but all he finds is denial. Finally, he comes across people who are facing up to the future and are willing to make sacrifices for change.

  • Heart eyes and a world
    Heart eyes and a world (2019) Editor

    This film brings the viewer into the bedrooms of four 15-year-old girls and the ways in which they are interacting with social media. Through powerful observational scenes and intimate conversations, the film raises questions about the normalisation of self-objectification.

  • Late Night Talk Show
    Late Night Talk Show (2017) Editor

    Two interns form a bond when they stay to take calls for a talk show amidst a controversial book-banning incident in Singapore. But when their personal convictions are put to the test, first impressions start to unravel.

  • Pennywort
    Pennywort (2020) Editor - 1st Assistant

    On the bleak Lincolnshire fens, a young woman struggling to process her recent Aspergers diagnosis discovers an artistic talent that unleashes the true, magical individuality of her identity in a story of folklore, fantasy and self fulfilment brought to life through a unique blend of live action and animation. The film is a moving, entertaining and empowering story about Aspergers sprinkled with magical realism and animation.

  • Urban Myths "Bleak House Guest"
    Urban Myths "Bleak House Guest" (2019) Editor - 1st Assistant

    The true-ish story of when Dickens superfan Hans Christian Andersen turned up unexpectedly on Charles and Catherine Dickens' doorstep quickly proving to be the most impossible (and unshakeable) house-guest imaginable.

  • Avenue 13
    Avenue 13 (2014) Editor

    Welcome to Avenue 13- a place where everyone is prim and proper and the houses are postcard pretty. Ting Ting is forced to fit in and uncovers a mystery that leads her spiralling down the rabbit’s hole to more strange encounters.

  • I Am Never Really Here
    I Am Never Really Here (2018) Editor

    How do you adjust to life in the UK after escaping from the most totalitarian regime in the world? I AM NEVER REALLY HERE is an experimental documentary film about escaping from North Korea. Based on various interviews with North Korean refugee and human rights activist Jihyun Park, the film is a cinematic exploration of repression and trauma.

  • Ad Skilja
    Ad Skilja (2018) Editor

    A roadtrip film about divorce in late life. Father and embark on a road trip as the father works through his feelings about his second divorce. Meanwhile they look back on his first divorce with the filmmaker's mother. An intimate film about love, loss and family.

  • Please Grow
    Please Grow (2018) Editor

    A film about a 17 year old boy’s desire to hit puberty.

  • Bremont "Little Girl"
    Bremont "Little Girl" (2019) Editor

    A Bremont Watch can withstand heat, sweat, dirt and blood. So can she. She is anything but precious.

  • Cineworld "The Execution"
    Cineworld "The Execution" (2019) Editor

    Turning off your phone saves lives.