Andrea Possee

  • Stardog
    Stardog (2019) Composer

    Orchestrator and conductor on this family animation feature film. Story of a loyal dog and a vigilante cat who embark on a space age voyage to find their way home.

  • All The Devil's Men
    All The Devil's Men (2018) Music Programmer

    Assistant orchestrator on this action film where a war-junkie and former Navy SEAL turned bounty hunter who tracks down terrorists as part of the CIA's outsourcing to private companies.

  • Howl
    Howl (2020) Composer

    Composer on this stylised art house horror film.

  • Robozuna
    Robozuna (2018) Music Programmer

    Orchestrator on this animated tv series where an orphan boy and his homemade robot friend work to free their country from an evil empire and its legion of robots.

  • Catskin
    Catskin (2017) Composer

    Composer for this LGBT romantic and heartbreaking coming-of-age drama

  • The Devil's Rock
    The Devil's Rock (2011) Composer

    Composer for this supernatural war film with digital fx by WETA.

  • The Jolly Girls
    The Jolly Girls (2020) Composer

    Composer and orchestrator on this stop motion animation.

  • My Life with Puppets
    My Life with Puppets (2017) Composer

    Composer on this documentry film My Life with Puppets featuring the renowned puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew who was the man behind the iconic characters Zippy from Rainbow, Sweep from The Sooty Show and a range of characters expanding over fifty years.

  • One Last Run
    One Last Run (2019) Composer

    Composer on this beautifully shot short film.