Aisha Ford

Writer / Director
  • Cherry Lemonade
    Cherry Lemonade (2020) Writer / Director

    Eleven-year-old Phoenix has always yearned to be the IT girl but can’t shake her tomboyish ways. When her abrasive older brother, Kurt, breaks a promise, Phoenix ventures out on her own to a local corner store.

  • Royal
    Royal (2019) Writer / Director

    An African American teenager, attending a predominately white high school, is in danger of compromising her self-worth when her principal offers her an opportunity that will change her life.

  • Be A Fish
    Be A Fish (2018) Writer / Director

    Determined, 9 year-old Taylor buys a fish in order to practice how to swim for her “Big Day.” Her mother, Janel, has different plans and forces her to go underwater earlier then what Taylor expected. Unprepared, Taylor attempts to stop her mother but is ultimately forced to dive deep into water, resulting in Taylor learning how to cope and survive.